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kiki the nanobot 1.0

3D puzzle game that combines Sokoban with Kula World
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Kiki the nanobot is a 3D puzzle game that combines Sokoban with Kula World. The action occurs within a sort of 3D cube called the Nano world, where you control kiki, a small android which has to perform a series of tasks in order to save its world from destruction.
The background story tells that tiny robots used to lead a happy life in their world, collecting resources for the creation of more robots. Until one day, a parasitic capacity damaged the creator program and since then it is able to produce only defective androids who are destroying the Nano world little by little. The only sane robot left, kiki, has the task of saving the world, and for that he will have to sort out a number of obstacles.
The game consists of several levels, each one presenting a different task. The objective in most of these tasks is to get to the exit, and for that you will need to use your skill with the keyboard to jump on stones, shoot other robots, push boxes in the style of Sokoban, and so on.
The Nano world is a fully 3D environment, which makes the game visually very attractive; graphics are probably one of the most interesting aspects. Unfortunately, there is no music and just as a few sound effects, but still, the game is very interesting and worth trying.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great graphics
  • Entertaining
  • Free


  • There isn't music at all, and sound effects are scarce
  • Controlling the robot can be a bit tricky at first
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